A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Wantable has quickly become my favorite subscription box. I have tried both their intimates and fitness lines. The fitness line wasn’t for me as the price point items was too high for me to justify. The quality of the items I received was stellar and I would have loved to keep a few of the items that they sent me, but I just couldn’t justify the cost.
The intimate line though is my favorite. I look forward to this box each month! I love that you can tell them what kind of items you would like in your boxes and the option of sending it back for a full refund is nice insurance. I have loved every one of my boxes so there has been no need for that! This month I was sent a padded sports bra and three pairs of underwear. When I first checked my items…I was like padded?? I don’t need that, but when I put it on it was super comfortable and I wore it that very night to Zumba. It isn’t supportive enough for running, but for Zumba it was great!
And the underwear…really you can’t go wrong with underwear…loved the mix of sporty with lacey!
what i love wednesday

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Chalean Extreme

The last few years I have really struggled with my weight. I exercise like crazy, but never see a difference on the scale. My thyroid has been a mess I’ve been on different doses of my meds, but I refuse to let that be my excuse for not looking and feeling my best. Recently I have said enough is enough and decided to try something different. You have to change or remain the same is my new mantra. What I have been doing is not obviously working…there has to be something out there that will work. While going through my facebook feed I saw a post about joining a coached group for support. I don’t know what made this post any different than the ones that I had seen in the past, but I responded. The coach and I set up a call and she recommended a program to me. That same day I purchased Chalene Johnson’s Chalean Extreme with shakeology. I have been on it for ten days now and am feeling great. I already see some of the swelling gone from my face which I had blamed on my meds.
I am doing the workouts that came with the program and still incorporating my weekly Zumba class, yoga and running. I am really trying to go all out on this and see what happens.
When I ordered the one thing I wasn’t excited about was the shakeology. I had tried it a couple of years ago and didn’t like the taste. This time around though I am really enjoying it. I make it my lunch or breakfast and it is so filling. They say that it cuts cravings and I have to agree. I am a junk food addict…loving anything sweet, and I have not indulged since I started the shakes.
The program comes with a meal plan that I have been loosely following. But, I log all my food into my fitness pal and track everything to stay on track. I have been following an 80/20 clean eating mantra which is great because it doesn’t feel like a diet at all. For the first time in a very long time I feel in control of my eating and it feels great! Each day I track my exercise and eating and give myself different colored stars in my planner if I meet my goal. I laugh that sticker charts aren’t just for kids…they really are motivating!
Also, the support I have gotten from the group that I am in is awesome. We are all doing different programs, but we all have the same goal…to look and feel our best!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Stitch Fix Love

I am still so in love with stitch fix.  I have acquired quite a few style cards and horded them until I could figure out what to do with them.  I decided to take the items that I actually purchased and make a collage on my closet wall.  Hopefully this will help me on the mornings where I stand there and can't figure out what to wear.  I must say though that since starting stitch fix I have very few if any of those mornings.  I literally would just about give up everything in my closet except for my stitch fix items that is how obsessed I am!  
I gathered my Style Cards, some washi and my beloved Alex and Ani cards and put this collage together.  There is lots of room to grow which is good because I don't see myself stopping this service for a very long time.
Here's a look at a top I kept out of my last box.  It is super cute.  I love that it isn't something that I have seen in stores.  The back has the cutest pleated detail and the sleaves hang just right.  I love it.
You won't be disappointed if you try this!  Click here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

another great stitch fix

I enjoyed another Stitch Fix shipment last week. This time I was sent jeans, three tops and a dress. First, can I just tell you how much I enjoy getting these style cards? They are so much fun and really do give you great looks.
Sadly, the jeans and the black and white top were too small. The chevron top was cute, but made me look huge. I really liked the purple top, but could only afford one item...striped dress for the win. This dress fits great, is super comfortable and I received many compliments wearing it! Score! I paired it with a jean jacket and wore it for dress down day last Friday, but could easily dress this up too. It's a super cute dress!
Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What are you waiting for!?!

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Coffee talk

I am a little late to the party because we were at a soccer tournament today, but can we chat?
Alex's soccer season is keeping us very busy as usual.  But, I can't complain because I am one proud mama watching him play.
I love this little family of mine.  I couldn't feel more blessed.
My Stitch Fix was awesome this month. Can't wait for my next box. My parents are moving and while I am happy for them I am incredibly sad at the same time.
This week I am putting my best foot forward and getting back to my workouts. I wasn't able to do much after falling last week, but this week should be better!! What else? Still job searching and day dreaming....looking for ways to shine :)

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

what I wore

Purple crush. I love that I got such a great deal on these wedges. I couldn't pass them up when I saw the color!
This flamingo sweater is still one of my most favorite Stitch Fix purchases. Love it!
Speaking of Stitch Fix, this dress in my latest box is so comfortable and I received many compliments when I wore it. Another great stitch fix purchase!
Hanging on the soccer field sideline. Rolled jean and striped sandles with my new favorite purse at my side.
A pretty colorful week!

Monday, April 28, 2014

best foot

Have you ever fallen while running? I have quite a few times. I am trying to figure out why. My husband thinks that I don't consistently pick my feet up. Yesterday I was moving really good down a slight incline and all of a sudden started falling through the air. It's funny too, every time this happens it's like slow motion. My phone went flying and I came down hard on my hands, elbow, and knees. Today I can barely bend my knees...it hurts :( My hands are scraped and my one elbow too even though I had a sweatshirt on. I hope it heals quickly! I had a pretty good week prior to that though. I even got a run in with my Mom 2 days after she did the Boston Marathon. And hope that this injury won't sideline me for long.
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