A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Beachbody Transformation

It’s amazing what the right support group, exercise plan and clean eating can do.  On December 31st I finished my first 90 days with Beachbody down 20# and 23 inches!  This from the girl that killed herself with cardio for YEARS and wondered why the scale wasn’t moving.  It was because I wasn’t doing the best exercise program for me and because my eating was all over the place.  One day I would do really well…the next horrible.  One day I would eat healthy and then follow it up with thinking that meant I could have a big dessert…know the feeling?

Chalean Extreme is an amazing program!  I mixed in my own cardio by continuing to run and go to my favorite zumba class, but I didn't miss the strength training videos each week.  I absolutely loved it and am excited to have three girls in my next challenge group completing it.  I can’t wait to see their amazing transformations!  I do believe that I would have had an even great weight loss if it wasn’t the holidays, but I won’t complain…I am down 20#!

Did you make some resolutions or goals for the year?  Did they include getting fit or eating more healthily?
I have found that the right nutrition, workout program and accountability groups are the key to success!  I would love for you to join me in one of my groups coming up!

January 19th FREE 7 Day Coaching at a Glance

You will learn what Beachbody could mean to your fitness, health and financial future.  What do I think the best thing about Beachbody is?  The great support system I now have that is helping me meet my goals!

January 26th 30 day challenge group:
You will learn about healthy eating, how to maximize your workouts, and so much more in this group.  These are all done on facebook in a private group setting.  It's great being around like minded women that are serious about their health goals.  And after the 30 days you graduate to a rock star group that you'll have lifetime membership to for continued motivation and support.
With that you purchase a challenge pack which is two-fold.  One is the workout program (I can help you choose one to fit your needs).  And two is Shakeology.  I was skeptical about the shakes at first, but they really are making a huge difference for me!!  My junk food cravings are gone and they really do fill you up.  Make one in the morning and drink on your way to work...breakfast done…  Or any time of day really!  I find them great at lunch too.  Prices will vary depending on the workout program that you choose.  Please click on the first link below, then click on the Challenge Pack link for details.   This gives you the discounted price for buying the workout with a 30 day supply of Shakeology.

February 2nd 5 day Shakeology challenge group:
I know you are going to love Shakeology!  However, I also know that it is an investment so my group runs 5 day sample challenge groups each month to introduce you to the benefits of Shakeology and the support of a challenge group.

You will receive a meal plan along with 5 packets of Shakeology.  We combine an easy meal plan with a list of 5 different choices for every meal and replacing one meal with Shakeology which is designed to fill in gaps we all have in our nutrition due to our busy lifestyle. I have learned that these gaps are responsible for a sluggish metabolism, lack of energy and cravings. It has made a world of difference in my journey and I love how it pairs up with clean eating!

That’s it. :) It’s just $25 (+shipping if you aren't local) but that includes all that plus the 5 days of shakeology. So far I have a really awesome group of challengers and I really think it would help you get a jump start to your 2015 goals.  So, are you ready to take this step with me so I can help you jump start your path to a new healthier lifestyle?  Let me know as I have the samples ready for you!  Right now I have Vegan Chocolate and Strawberry available, but will have more as I see a demand for it.
Quick Tip:

Small changes over time lead to big results.  Start small...up your water intake, add a walk or run to your daily schedule, get outside, stretch in the morning and at night.  These small changes will make you feel better and when you feel better you will want to do more!

Contact me...let's chat about how I can help you!

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Stitch Fix

I was so pleased with my stitch fix this month...I almost kept everything!  But, I reigned it in and went with the chevron sweater and the grey lace top with keyhole back...such fun pieces :)  Have you tried it yet?

Friday, December 05, 2014

Weight loss despite thyroid disease

I was diagnosed with thyroid disease before my son was born so I have been struggling with it for about 12 years now.  I have been on the low spectrum (hypothyroid) and the high spectrum (hyperthyroid).  Currently I am low so I take a medicine to increase my levels.  What this means is that I am tired all the time.  I almost never feel fully rested.  Naps on weekends are a must.  My husband doesn’t get why I wake up work out and then need a nap in the afternoon…it’s just is the way that I am.  Staying motivated with my weight loss efforts has always been a struggle until I started with Beach Body.  Now that I am eating better I am seeing a big difference in how I feel.  Am I still tired?  Yes!  But, I am feeling better…it’s hard to put into words, but I am seeing a difference not only on the scale and that is what is keeping me motivated to exercise daily and eat as clean as possible.

Right now I am in week nine of my twelve week Chalean Extreme Program and I am loving the changes that I am seeing.  The lean phase has been the most challenging, but I am determined to finish this program.  With the Black Friday sale I purchased Turbo Fire and I love it!  I have done it once so far and it is a great cardio addition for times when I can’t get out to run.

I have also been reading up on Adrenal Fatigue lately and I think that is something that I also struggle with.  Stress causes cortisol build up which leads to belly bulge.  They say that this is prevalent in runners which makes some sense in why running has never helped me to lose weight.  I mention this because I am trying to find a good mix of high and low intensity workouts for sustainable weight loss.  I never lost weight on cardio exercise alone.  I have to mix it up with the weight training I have been doing.  I also want to incorporate yoga or piyo into my mix because I feel like it could really help me achieve more balance.  My end goal isn’t a size or certain weight…it’s to feel good in my own skin.

What is your workout balance?  Are you a cardio junkie or do you try and mix it up?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Challenge Group

As my 60 day challenge group for beach body is closing I am pumped with my progress.  Over the 60 days I lost 14 pounds and over 15 inches.  Never before have I had great success at diet plans.  The only thing that has helped me lose weight in the past was stress. 
With a ton of determination I am finally seeing results!

I am super excited to keep my journey going and do this next healthy holiday 21 day challenge.  If you'd like more information on this challenge please post your email in the comments section.  I'll give you the details.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Beach Body

I am now 6 weeks into my first Beach Body accountability challenge group and I am so excited with the results I have seen so far!  The mix of clean eating, working out hard, and having a support group has been awesome!  I am down 10 pounds and over 13 inches in just 6 weeks!  I have always loved working out, but I now love eating better as well and it has been fun to try new recipes and come up with eating plans that are quick and easy to meet my busy schedule.  The next challenge starts on November 24th.  Please let me know if you would like some information on it!

In addition to my beach body workouts I am still getting my runs in and going to my weekly zumba class!  I have been getting a lot of extra miles in on my lunch breaks.  I go home, run two miles, shower and return with my shakeology!  It's a healthy hour!
(right just 8 weeks ago, left a week ago)

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Chalean Extreme progress

4 full weeks in and I am feeling great! The shakeology is a little hard on my stomach, but I am sticking it out. It was suggested that I try the vegan chocolate so I changed my next shipment to that.
The workouts are going great! I am seeing changes. I love that I can do the workouts along with what I was already doing.
I am definitely getting more exercise in and am staying within my calorie goal each day. Eating clean is a great new challenge that I am finding fun. I only really struggle at night time with hunger pains.
Stats: Down 9.5 pounds! Down 11.5 inches: chest: 5 inches arms: 2 inches waist: 1 inch hips: 1.5 inches abductors: 1 inch thighs: 1 inch I couldn't be happier. Today starts the next 30 days of the program. I am ready to mix it up and start the push phase!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Wantable has quickly become my favorite subscription box. I have tried both their intimates and fitness lines. The fitness line wasn’t for me as the price point items was too high for me to justify. The quality of the items I received was stellar and I would have loved to keep a few of the items that they sent me, but I just couldn’t justify the cost.
The intimate line though is my favorite. I look forward to this box each month! I love that you can tell them what kind of items you would like in your boxes and the option of sending it back for a full refund is nice insurance. I have loved every one of my boxes so there has been no need for that! This month I was sent a padded sports bra and three pairs of underwear. When I first checked my items…I was like padded?? I don’t need that, but when I put it on it was super comfortable and I wore it that very night to Zumba. It isn’t supportive enough for running, but for Zumba it was great!
And the underwear…really you can’t go wrong with underwear…loved the mix of sporty with lacey!
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