A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

A place to stop and reflect on ways to shine.

Monday, April 28, 2014

best foot

Have you ever fallen while running? I have quite a few times. I am trying to figure out why. My husband thinks that I don't consistently pick my feet up. Yesterday I was moving really good down a slight incline and all of a sudden started falling through the air. It's funny too, every time this happens it's like slow motion. My phone went flying and I came down hard on my hands, elbow, and knees. Today I can barely bend my knees...it hurts :( My hands are scraped and my one elbow too even though I had a sweatshirt on. I hope it heals quickly! I had a pretty good week prior to that though. I even got a run in with my Mom 2 days after she did the Boston Marathon. And hope that this injury won't sideline me for long.


Amanda RunToTheFinish said...

I have, but usually I trip over something. Amusingly it was a speed bump one time :)

I don't pick my feet up very high, but yes if you are seeing it happen consistently it seems like you might be scuffing the ground. You might try running in place in front of a mirror for a few minutes to get a feel for what you are doing and then practice picking up your feet just to your calve each time.

Krysten said...

I took a pretty big spill in one my race a couple years back. It was un uneven trail and I just miss stepped, and boom down I went. I slightly embarrassing b/c there was a whole line of people behind me, but you know, it happens haha

Janelle @ Run With No Regrets said...

Ouch! I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes I shuffle a bit or trip on uneven pavement, which is the worst!

Lara @ Uptite Mamas said...

Ouch! I always imagine myself falling while running, but haven't had the pleasure yet of experiencing it! #bestfoot

jillconyers said...

I haven't yet. I probably just jinxed myself. If I fall while running I'm guessing it will be a trail run. I've tripped on roots and rocks but was able to catch myself many times.

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